Hi there. I am someone of absolutely no importance who writes a lot, albeit in obscurity.  It amuses me.

I also draw — badly.  This also amuses me.

I love, adore, covet, insert-your-possessive/passionate-adjective-here all sorts of eccentric antiques and buy quite a few of them. If I were buying lots of shoes or teddy bears, you would say I was a “compulsive shopper” or a “hoarder”. But since I buy things like 19th-Century phrenology heads and old photos of circus performers, I’m told I am a “collector”. From time to time, I share the choicest of my stuff in blog posts.

Anyway. . .

If you’re looking for impassioned political commentary, or kick-ass crockpot recipes, or wonderfully realized sketches of humanity . . . well, then, you should probably skedaddle.

But if you’re into my peculiar little musings, punctuated by cartoons that a third-grader could draw (although not an especially artistic third grader) . . . then welcome, friend! Feel free to hang out and waste some time here.


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